Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2014

Grand Canyon~by rldubour



Grand Canyon

From truly majestic, to spiritual, to awesome.

Inspirational, amazing and then some.


How does one describe, this vast beauty of nature?

The feeling of peace and serenity that one does savor.


You just can not imagine, even through pictures.

That such a place on this earth can make your life richer.


To stand for the first time and view into this canyon.

How it was carved from the waters, as it slowly abandoned.


Still flows the river, one mile below.

Of this mighty canyon, with its’ pure natures show.


As you view down the cliffs, you’re left without words.

The colors of time have been marked to the shore.


It’s unbelievable, poetic, a feeling of peace.

This wonder of our world, that allows us to peek.


If I never viewed this, with my own eyes.

I would only imagine this vastness in size.


There are really no words that can accurately describe.

This scene Mother Nature choreographed and inscribed.


A must for all ages, it will get your attention.

This magnificent place, they call the Grand Canyon.


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