Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2014

Feeling disgraced~by Rik Bertrand



Feeling disgraced

Left alone,
Deserted love,
Shattered trust.
I thought it was love,
For him just lust.

I lay here motionless,
Tears falling down,
Upon my face.
Feelings cascading,
Feeling disgraced.

Will I ever recover?
Will my heart mend?
Does the pain go away?
Do I forever contend?

My heart lays in wait,
Still broken,
Still in pain,
I lay here waiting,
Completely insane.

Will I ever find love?
That is real,
That is true.
To instill true happiness,
Take away my blue

©Rik Bertrand (SEPT 2014 #15) I thought he was the one, and then……


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