Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2014





O my dearest body part, my heart
Though a very ridiculous greeting but you deserve it
Because you make me look like an idiot most of the time
Why, my heart, you are mine and you beat to someone else’s song
I want to hold on to you for my dear life
And you are hellbent to give yourself away to someone else
That’s called treachery if you know
Why you turn into a drum playing noisily
When I need you to be calm and on my side
You get my wits scattered all around in the air
That’s not fair!
Such an errant child you are
I would ask you to behave
But, of course, you won’t
You have no regards for me
So, go wander and dance to the rhythm of life
Who I am to tell you just pump blood and beat normally per minute.

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