Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 8, 2014

THE BROKEN MIRROR~by Gowtham Murugesan




Beautiful reflections,
Wonderful imaginations,
There were so many wishes…
But one day!
All has changed…
Reflections started to become worse
Imaginations started to make disappointment…
All those wishes changed its face ridiculously!!!
There was the image,
Reflected like a sun!
That spreads warm and peace…
There was a blossom flower!
Moon has smiled at every night!!
Basic rhythm sounds in nature,
Basic truth sometimes very deep inside,
Basic feelings are goddess’s reflections…
Reflections may change!
There are all illusions,
But goddess will never change…
Hear the soul instead of mind!
Go in, and get the truth of universe!
See the god and ask why you reflected so badly?
When you see the god, you have no more questions…
Until that, don’t let to get scar in soul by the broken mirror…..
-Gowtham Murugesan 05/09/14

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