Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2014


Poesy plus Polemics

"The Prayer at Valley Forge" Painting by Arnold Friberg From “The Prayer at Valley Forge”
Painting by Arnold Friberg

conversations with God
handsome words trim
the alien tongues of
a willing exchange
secret knowledge
is passed through
molecular mysteries
lightning bolt fingers
engrave on the ether

the smallness of me
is no longer invisible
radiant nights color
portraits that hang from
each starpoint of thought
this is privileged divine
education an artwork
of faith in creative
wee hours of wonder

what natural daylight
obscures with its clarity
cumbers the human
convinces his eyes
of illuminant truths
like the sparkling peaks
of bright icebergs whose
fathomless measures
hide darkly submerged

open minds can consult
occult impulses fearless
and forward of certainty
midnight ideally provides
enough quiet sufficient
escape from the static
of living to ask and have
answered those personal
inquiries into existence

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