Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2014

SONG OF RIVER~by Saroj Padhi




I asked the river ‘Why this muddy water?’
She smiled and said ‘This is not just ‘muddy water,
It’s my melted heart in its million quiver
mixed with the slime of agony
from the walls of my lever’

With tears of soft dew in eyes
she hummed ahead to sing of moon beams–
in the heat of a rain-soaked Sky’s
passionate kiss on the face of a vast
layer of madly murky water
overtaken by heart’s thousand desires,
sounding their suppressed aches
in the womb of night in regular phases.

I’m a wonder in the eyes of innocence
picking pearls of happiness
from the drying, drooping petals of life
in the jungle of night,
I’m caught in the battle for new life
every moment of my sturdy strife.

The river goes on singing
my timorous life song
to the heart of the night
seeking consent to each syllable
of the story told
about’s love’s poor plight.

Comp. n copy right :
Saroj k. padhi

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