Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 10, 2014

ONAM~by Indira Sadanandan




Ever experienced swinging on a swing?
It is sitting on a cylindrical piece of log
Cut from a branch or on a plank,fixed at
The ends of two ropes,divided to dual ends.
The rope is hung from the branch of a tree.
Sit on,press the finger tips of the feet on earth
Go, raising back to forty five degree.
By giving force to the finger tips ,begin to fly
In the air,in a curvature movement to touch
The sky.
At the same mode of movement
You fly downward with the loosened body weight.
Repetitions of this, is swinging on the swing.
When going up,you cross the sky
On coming back,touch the ground
You can not keep up being on the height so long
But when you reach on the ground,you get
Enough time to be there.
Swinging on a swing is what living a life.
When you fly up,the visuals down from the sky
Appear to be strange ,as in a drama
When you fly down,the earth is too familiar to you
You love to be here for ever.
For us ,the people of Kerala “Onam” is the festival
Also for swinging on a swing

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