Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 10, 2014

The Lady with Sword~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



The Lady with Sword

She is a Muse for a writer
The emotions she can gather
Touching the heart of a reader
Her message felt clear, much deeper

Who is she, but a poet’s Muse
Who keeps all the readers bemuse
Be they extroverts or recluse
Mediocre, she has no use

As for the words she wields as sword
They all just come of own accord
Don’t force them out, mind can’t afford
The poet’s heart is her own lord

Not for arrogance and abuse
Change the world for better, she muse
How her enemies to confuse
With humor, others she’d amuse

Shape pounded and sharpened with fire
Passions tempered, souls that won’t tire
Impurities burned from desire
She strums the blade edges like lyre

The fantasies she often use
With realities, she would choose
Her sword injustice will reduce
Liquid grace! Oh, Poetry Muse

Her poem is not just a weapon
But a tool and lineage adorn
Melted, molded in poet’s urn
With the passage of each season

The lady is a writer’s Muse
Double edge sword of words she use
Cuts lies, arrogance, and abuse
But with other views she calls truce


  1. Very nice!

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