Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 10, 2014

WARS AND DREAMS~by Bernard Wachira




With the war in my mind I tire,
Fighting the ghost in the shadow,
With every tear drop I wipe away,
A drop of tear is blown by the wind,
As it wet the ground I stand on,
Sinking me deep in the quick sand,
For this is my depressing moment.

I hold on to a leaf leaping it off the branch,
A branch so near yet far away to save me,
It’s like a mirage of hope gone away,
Like a piercing pain yet soo sweet,
Tasty like the honey comb yet so sour,
Blooming like a rose with poking thorns,
Which begs the question for an answer?

Sometimes it is within answers are found,
Like an open book a fairy tale is told,
The leaf can be stronger if I take it so,
Ranging war can be quenched down,
May be move a mountain closer to me,
If I can’t move to the mountain I seek,
With a reap of faith in my heart.

When dreams are broken I dare dream,
If war in my mind is ranging in storms,
I tend to calm it down with positivity,
Countering the depressing moment,
Because it is in picking the broken pieces,
That I find my way into the cracks I pick,
To make it whole again sticking the cracks.

When am told I cannot do, I say why not,
Facing high walls I make a ladder to jump,
Because it is with this, life is made fun,
It is a playground I seek to conquer and win,
For it is a game I choose the dice to play with,
No rules, for I choose the rule of the game,
But a rule I should guard and protect with my life.

Copyright reserved
Bernard Wachira

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