Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 13, 2014

A MASTER~by Rochish Mon




“Can anyone listen to me?” asked that man
That man did not have a reply
That man waited for some time and repeated his question
Again he did not have a reply-
That man is waiting…
That man is waiting like the subject that should be studied!
“Can any of you come with me?”
That man tried with another question
This time too that man never received an answer
Without response, that man was presenting his duties…
That man is a man of hope-
A poet went up to him and said
“Like you, a few came and asked the same questions
but they never have achieved the results they wanted”
Smiled, that man-
That man’s smile looks like light!
“It is waste of time and effort, asking these questions” declared the poet
That man continued with his attitude…
The sun, the moon, the stars,
The sky, the earth, the hill, the river, the day the night
All are there as witnesses
That man was performing…
Abruptly, time invited that man
That man went to another shore calmly and pleasantly-
That man revealed a path to reach the right place
‘Where there is a place, there is a path’
The poet has sighed.
And to have a record, the poet has pronounced

“That man is a master”.

By Rochishmon

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