Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 15, 2014

Destination America~NEW MEXICO~by rldubour

Monday! time to continue our journey across America, in alpha order today we visit the great state of:



The gleaming white gypsum crystals is
The White Sands National Monument
And the nickname for New Mexico is
The Land of Enchantment.


The official tree is the Pinon Pine
The state motto is “It grows as it goes.”
And the daughter of Pat Garrett wrote
The state song, “O, Fair New Mexico.”


The state bird is the roadrunner
And the official animal is the bear
The flower is the Yucca and its leaves
Are used to make sandals to wear.


In 1950 a small cub was saved and became
Our National Fire symbol, Smokey the bear!
The largest fire in the state was May 4, 2000
Sending 25,000 people running scared.


Moon Rocks are on display at the International
Space hall of fame in Alamogordo.
And people still live in building over
900 years old in Taos Pueblo.


Santa Fe is the highest capital city at
7,000 feet above see level
And is the oldest capital city in the nation
A reason for the people to revel.


A dam on the Rio Grande River formed
Elephant Butte reservoir the state’s largest lake.
And the Palace of Governor’s is the oldest
Government building in the United States.


The largest Native American group the
Navajos live on a 14 million acre reservation.
The Pueblo ancestors the Anasazi who lived
1100-1300 A.D. an amazing civilization.


White Sands Missile Range, 10,000 year
Old arrow heads have been found.
The largest cavern of the Carlsbad Caverns
Amplifies the volume of sound.


John Denver, Bo Diddley and Pat Garrett
Conrad Hilton, Demi Moore and Greer Garson
Dennis Hopper and Victorio
Al and Bobby Unser and Jim Morrison.
Statehood, January 6, 1912 the 47th state
Capital is Santa Fe


White Sands National Monument is a desert, not of sand, but of gleaming white gypsum crystals.
The leaves of the Yucca plant are used to make rope, baskets and sandals to wear
The largest fire in the state was May 4, 2000 forcing 25,000 people out before they could control it.
Cimarron, once a Wild West town where the Gazette quoted, ?All is quiet in Cimarron nobody has been killed in 3 days!
More than 25,000 Anasazi sites that lived 1100-1300AD were found, they were the amazing civilization of the Pueblo ancestors.

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