Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 21, 2014

THAT MOMENT~by Payal Hope




The moment of silence
Just before when something great is about to happen
The fireworks you feel that can’t be heard or seen
But their effect is thousand times more intense
You feel it deep in your bones
Everything just blurs out
What matters zooms in
Your heart beats frantically
As if going to run out of your chest
You mind is drained out of the mess
The new emptiness waits to be filled by the river of pure bliss
When the moment finally arrives
Barrage comes down
You are filled with life and happiness
In just fraction of a second
At first everything looks like a dream
The one that can’t come true even in a dream
Then slowly realisation washes over you
And you know this is true
The new life that runs through your veins
When can’t contain the intensity in itself
Pours out of your eyes.

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