Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2014

Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 22nd of September.

Nothing much happens,
For an hour
Just before dawn,
When he can walk
By Canary Wharf
And think it is the end of days.
The occasional car,
And a night bus
Full of dreary faces,
Staring out,
Glassy eyed,
From a night of excess,
Or the thought of another day,
Cleaning the dirt, from the shoes
Of the city.
And he feels alive.

For the longest time
He forgot what living was,
And hid in shadows,
Waiting for the end.
Hoping it would come,
Wishing his life away.
Living on scraps,
Even the air
Was too rich
For his liking.
But then, he saw her again.
And it all changed.

She drove by
In a soft top,
Hair streaming in the wind.
A princess,
And he knew it was not over.
He would find a way,
To be the man
He used to be.
She would be waiting,
If only he would arrive.
She said so,
And he believed her now.

She wore the ring,
He saw it on her finger,
As she gripped the wheel,
And as she turned her head
He saw the sadness
In her eyes.
The car was her disguise.

All he had to do
Was to turn his life around.
Stop the drinking,
Get a regular job.
Too many nights
Playing cards
In all night bars
Had dulled his senses
To daylight.
But he would be alright.
If only he could make
One last score.
He would never crave
That excitement anymore.
There was too much anxiety involved anyway.
He would find her,
One day.
She would be waiting,
He would bet on it.

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