Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 23, 2014





I’m a girl of eighteen
In love with my own tune
And my dreams umpteen;
Why do you bother me
With slings of your dry swoon
When I’m in a fling with the sky
And drunk with a wild moon?

I am a girl of eighteen
Envying those rose-cheeked girls
At the college canteen
Trying to flirt with my sweet friend
Who from a fairy land did descend
But now, he my heart does rend
With only tears in my eyes to fend;

I cry under the bower of a silhouette moon
And hope to find that real friend very soon.

I ask myself many ‘whys’ wherever I go:
Driving at night I ask ‘Why am I afraid
While crossing the thoroughfare
Even of persons quite familiar?

Why am I afraid of my own shadow
While chasing my dreams lying afar?

Why am I stared at so long and stalked
By greedy bees who steal all colours
From all lovely flowers?

Questions are many
But answers a few,

I’m still not bothered too much
As I find
My love to be so fresh and new !

My love of grass, my love of dew
My love of self, my love of the world
And my love of all him, her and you.

Comp. n copy right : saroj k. padhi

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