Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2014

Daily missive for Thursday the 25th of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 25th of September.

It was not wisdom
That came with age,
But invisibility,
He had the bruises
To prove it.

Although his joints
Were stiff,
And the bones
Always seemed to
Rub him up the wrong way,
He stepped aside,
When youngsters
Talking on phones,
Identikit people,
Behaving like clones,
Bowled right along,

Lost, in their own world,
Singing a song
On their ipod,
Smoking weed,
Grown from seed,
Thinking they were cool,
Not a fool,
Not like him,
For getting old,
But a real hot rod.

And if he was slow
They soon let him know.
With a scowl,
A tut, hissed
From between clenched teeth.
And a shoulder charge,
A reckless barge,
That took his breath away.

And then, they were gone,
Kept moving on,
With a swagger.
The old man lost his,
Years ago,
His walk more of a shuffle,
A breathless stagger.
But nobody seemed to care,
The occasional stare.
From a baby,
Wheeled by
In an expensive push chair.
He had a car that cost less,
Once upon a time.

He was unsure
What hurt him most.
Getting old,
Becoming a ghost.



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