Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2014

~~~~~~~~”MISSING LINK”~~~~~~~~~by DrSatyender ParkashAas



~~~~~~~~”MISSING LINK”~~~~~~~~

The crimes, cruelties, aggressions, murders,
Wars, fights, conflicts, out burst of terrorism,
Forced a human soul, heart and head to trace
The missing link between apes and humans.
Four wheelers and two wheelers all tailless,
Animal linking apes to humans, an animal
Theorized as a transitional evolutionary stage
Between tailless primate ape, chimpanzee,gorilla
They fight for their areas, supremacy, control,
And two wheeler humans with brain, intelligence
Emotional bliss, wit, will and wisdom, the supreme
Creation of Nature, Time, Cosmos Master,
Why “gone ape”, clumsy unintelligent person?,
Think, feel,try to search, discover the missing link!!
Orangutans behave in an absurd and mindless ways,
Why human lose self control, because of either,
Ego, power, anger, greed, lust, supremacy, control,
Strange emotional emptiness, absence of wisdom,
Still an animal, an imitator, mimic, an absurd,
War monger, terrorist,,inhumane mindless ape,
Terrorizing, killing the so called social animals,
Worst than meat eaters beasts, apathetic ghosts
His inability to feel normal, passionate, social
To respond emotionally endangered,us all
This is the result of the “MISSING LINK” between
Ape, gorilla,chimpanzee, orangutan,and human.,
Tailless our fanatic, mindless, rash two wheelers.
©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda “Aas” 25-09-2014…

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