Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2014


Poesy plus Polemics

"Delphic Oracle" Painting by Heinrich Leutemann From “Delphic Oracle”
Painting by Heinrich Leutemann

oh Pythia
priestess of
vaporous wisdom
arise for this poor
troubled supplicant
stand in the shade
that Apollo
bequeathed you
your pink marbled
thighs astride
fumaroles sweating
your center
your secret skin
dripping with prophecy

he needs the truth
of tomorrow
accept here
his tributes
of laurel and liver
and drachma
please sing him
your verse but
acknowledge that
he is mere peasant
stock mortal
so spare him
inscrutable songs
meant for demigods

kings and half-heroes
did perish at
your meter but he
has no grandeur
at stake so he begs
simple clarity hoist him
so he may see out
through your eyes
feel your fluids
of foresight
hear the voice
of Olympian winds
in your ears

his dilemma
unfolded his
choices laid down
free from irony
brooking no judgments
wants pointing the
destinies open and
waiting for him but to

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