Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2014

Stop It NOW~by Rik Bertrand



Stop It NOW

I am tired of the wars, the unrest and the killings,
The senseless fighting and dying for no good reason.
It is time for me to adjust the human condition,
It is time for human race to stop all this treason.

Created with love and passion for all mankind,
For creativity and hospitality to forever bind.
Created to thrive on all that was given,
To be kind and refined to all that is living.

I am tired of the mindless and reckless hate,
I am hoping that my intervention is not too late.
I am sickened by the ruthless loss of all mankind,
If only there is a solution that I May find.

To destroy all and begin again is not an option.
To start anew with a selected few is no solution.
The Mindset of the human race must change,
Priorities in life we must rearrange.

Listen to your maker, peace be in your heart,
Throw down the weapons of war, this will be a start.
Stop the bitter arguing, and speak of love and peace,
You must all live together, on this earth that you lease.

I tell you this for your own good; it is a bitter warning,
Stop it all right now, or it is your world you will be mourning.
What I create I can take away, it is as easy as can be,
But it is not a task that mankind would really like to see

©REB (June 2011) I Giveth I can take away

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