Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2014

The Descending Clouds..~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Descending Clouds..

The descending clouds of the hills,
the ascending roads that climb up the hill,
the blank river bed and
the river flowing steep deep beneath the hill on one side,
the hill raising its hood on the other side.
the road in between flying like a cunning bird.
From the zero altitude to the top of the hill .
the flora , fauna and wild flowers with tall pine trees.
raising their hoods with an ambitious touch the sky wish.
the rope bridges connecting the hills.
In this serene ambience the floatilla of clouds.
Nights were going wet with the sky opening its gate.
Rains washing the densely clad flora, fauna, flowers & the surrounding.
The Heart Beats were going awery
breeding feelings of awesome calm serenity .
calm cool clean kneeling down of the nature .
The dawn was just calm cool clean.
Fragrance of Purity was smelling in the air.
As sun started spraying its beams ,
the laser beams started sprinkling the particles into beautiful colour moths.
forming a rainbow across the horizon,
an awesome visual that vanished in moments .
Small droplets of water on the budding pink petals,
under the green leafs holding full bloom.
Mind was flowing to a stage of transcendence.
Watching the scripture wheels, snow of the faraway skies,
the Kanchenjunga peak of the Himalayas was smiling at me.
the scripture wheels & the humming sounds of the Buddhist monastery,
the saffron red clad monks their innocent faces, the thousands lamps lighted in the monasteries was busy creating a feeling serenity inside me.
like honeybees busy in forming the hive .
Transcendence to oblivion was hatching , nesting , building.
Calm Clean Cool Peace was alighting from the natures’ arms,
natures’ ambient moods.
Asking me to kneel down on my knees praying the Beauty .
.the beautiful Nature and its show case.

A Poem written on a visit to Sikkim 25 years ago.

By:Akshaya Kumar Das 7/9/2014 Sunday 12:40 hrs.

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