Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 25, 2014

The power of faith~by rldubour



The power of faith


“There wasn’t enough time.” To hide from the storm.

Tornadoes are spawning, no time has been warned.

Out in the fields harvesting crops, with no time to waste

Our bushels were dropped.

The first twister nearing now touching the ground.

With death swirling winds and its horrible sounds.

Head for the barn was the scream far away.

Still quite some distance we ran as we prayed.

Please Father forgive, if today is my day.

Please tell my family I will love them always.

There’s one close behind me,

Three more have touched ground!

Still a hundred yards out as I

Watched the barn get ripped down.


I’m totally frightened

I fear my life will end now.

I must survive for my family

God please show me how!

My legs they stopped moving

Not scared anymore.

I dropped to my knees and prayed loudly

Is next stop heaven’s door?

A moment don’t know what happened

I was leaving the ground.

I was in Gods light and

Was gently laid down.

I opened my eyes,

Trying to see

Not sure of where

I might be.

The power of faith is what saved me

As the twisters touched down.

My face frozen with smile

Never again wears a frown.

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