Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 26, 2014

DROOPING SUN~by Saroj Padhi




As the Sun droops into a desired corner of darkness
Under burden of day’s random thoughts
And the hills at the distance drown
Like flakes of ice in light floats
Inside the crimson drinks of a sighing sky;

Blinking fireflies
search for memories of their soul-mates
lost in last cyclone
and the dry river trickles on alone;

the washerman’s wife in a cool resign
folds dried up clothes on the bank–
and their children in bare feet look on
into a dim horizon;
buffaloes burning with hunger
chew hay in the darkening fields
drawing their calves still closer;

I ‘m lost in remembrance of ripples
of the vanished waters of a young river
whose sagging breasts now
reflect a glimmering half moon
With strands of pale sands
and bits of stray skeletons around
where like the spectre of a gliding snake
your sinuous memories surround .

Comp. n copy right : saroj k. padhi


  1. Amazing imagery 🙂

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