Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 26, 2014

THE COLORS OF LIFE~by Gaudencio Balongcas




Life has many colors,
We are its painters;
Its color depends
On our own volition;
We have our choice,
The freedom is ours.

Sometimes its color
Invites a dot of peace;
There’re times a hue of war,
Mostly, it is hatred
With shade of love
And touch of agony.

It is blended with joy
And coupled with sadness;
So tainted with challenge
With some etched of madness;
Intensified with failure
Alongside is success.

There’s a blot of hell
And patches of heaven;
It goes psychedelic
As we paint to nowhere;
Let’s do it with gusto,
Color it with much care!

© 2014 All rights reserved


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