Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 27, 2014





Why did you go away,
when I ran dry?

in oozings of nectar
in my sweet womb?
In flow of youth
In my honeycomb?

Sucking me to the full
at the root of my virgin spring
making me speechless
like a dumb human being !

Thrust into the whirlpool
of a constant turmoil now
I ponder and lament
In my long days of dry wait
And in my nights
of dreams soft and wet;

my conscious is flooded now
with a black beetle’s blind love
that flicked my body
like droplets of dew
from the bosom of night above.

I’m in the clasp
of your unseen hug now
unable to fight,
you hold me now
like my petals of youth
nestling too tight.

‘I’m done now’,
I sometimes do feel
but painful thouthts of you
in my head do reel.

You are my day,
you are night,
you are my soul’s desire
my love’s sweet fire
and my dreams ,all too so bright !

comp. n copy right : saroj k. padhi

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