Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 30, 2014

The Last Note~by Sandeepan Baruah



The Last Note

Over the edge of the cliff, for the last time,
Looking hundreds of feet down,
Where nothing but the big stones reside,
Writing my last note I stand.

Never before so clearly have ever,
My childhood memories been in front of me,
Or the happy moments that I have forgotten,
While hugging to my worries and my sadness.

But now nothing can make me step back,
Not even these momentary happiness,
For long back have I lost all my hopes,
And all my reasons to live.

A life I have lived for myself and others,
With smiles and tears,
Is my life, my own,
And it will be my wish when to let it go.

So now finishing my last note,
I am letting it go where the wind wants,
As I am jumping off this cliff,
Down where awaits my death bed.

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