Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 5, 2014





Never dreamt love will come my way!
You hunted my heart to fall it prey!
Never knew suffering separation pains
My soul will miss you so immensely!
Sensitive sorrows may evacuate joys
Eagle of solitude pinch beats so intensely!
Illusively a feeling surfaces over mind,
Our relation is a continuance of pre-births!
Nonetheless it would not be so sweet,
Why a stranger soul sooths the other heart!
None other appears in every particle of air,
Your love pre-occupied my heart beats!
Memories turned to be my worship,
So serene a love, it is! I do treat!
Your lips seem showering love petals,
Eyes transmitting rippling waves of wine!
Why heart feels joys of love all around,
The lily buds seem dancing to entwine!
Never liked to have a drink at the pub,
But my beats feel intoxicated so common!
Love made me a beggar at your door,
Praying for alms, holding a love bowl often!
By Jagjit Singh Jit @ October 04, 2014.
All Rights Reserved


  1. LOVE THIS! And fully support your excessive use of exclamation marks!!!

    • Thank YOU so much and I am glad you do, the exclamations are to make a point!

      • Indeed!!! 🙂

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