Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 5, 2014

John Paul DuBour (1934-2014)~by rldubour



John Paul DuBour (1934-2014)

Alone and tired he laid in his bed

Unknown are the visions that danced in his head.

Its hope that he thought of his family and wife

And faith that he knows  he is on to a new life.


No longer bound to the earthly ties

The pain and the sorrow that shone in his eyes.

God called his name and said we must go

On the wings of an angel he most likely rode.


He’ll be with his family there once again

The ones gone ahead  there to welcome him in.

His smile be bright as once before

As his eternal light glows from heavens door.


His brothers and sisters will meet him there

With stories of Heaven they all want to share.

Once again he’ll start over a life that is new

And look down upon us as the rest of them do.

If we heard him speak I know what he’ll say

On earth I am sorry I just could not stay.

I will wait here in heaven this I do pray.

That I see you again on your golden day.


  1. O so lovely!! What a great poem about someone who has passed!

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