Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 10, 2014

Michael Edward DuBour (1942 ~2014) Full Circle~by rldubour



Michael Edward DuBour (1942 ~2014)

Full Circle


The circle is a universal symbol

With extensive meaning.

It represents the notions of totality

Of the life of the human being.


Wholeness, original perfection

The Self, the infinite.

Timelessness, all cyclic movement

Death is to life as imminent.


God is a circle whose

Centre is everywhere.

And whose circumference

Is nowhere.


As the sun it is

A masculine power

As the soul it is

Encircling waters.

It implies the symbol

Of movement

As to follow the

Heavenly blueprint


Symbolizing the passage

Of time

The perpetual movement

Of the Universe great rhyme.


It has magical values

As a protective agent.

To be one with God

Is Michael’s replacement.


The end of the process

Of individuation

Towards a wholeness

And self-realization.


With the number ten

It symbolizes heaven and eternity

Where the perfection of

The soul will be achieved.


Circle of necessity

Birth, growth, decline and death

In heaven his rebirth

From his earthly last breath.


The tears that are shed

Is for eternal peace

In our hearts and our minds

His life here we’ll keep.


  1. Ron, this is a real great and well thought out poem.

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