Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 16, 2014

CROSSROAD~by Gaudencio Balongcas




Along the path of life there’s a crossroad to pass,
Where man should think before attempting to go on;
His will should lead him free from the thought of great mass
And find the best of all among his decision.

The moment he counts on with his heart and his brain,
That would be a nice move it would be logical;
But if he favors one and leaving less in vain,
There would be aftermath, could be detrimental.

He must have the vision to foresee the future,
Before choosing the road that would lead to his goal;
He would not go astray, he would then roam no more
Along the field of risk, it’s the field of the fool.

Crossroad is the pathway and dilemma of man,
That would test his courage and hidden intellect;
He’s likely to gamble his life not just for fun
But to merit its worth for values to collect!

© 2014 All rights reserved

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