Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 16, 2014

THE TOUCH~by Rajendra Padhi




They left me like a corpse in a forest of snow
The marshy vale and flowers struck by tears
Fell fast on my face for a disquiet death,
The winter reigned the floor in chilling frost
Withering thick leaves in falling dews,
The sickly wind howled displaying my plight,
The sky was like a desert and stars pitiless sand
Still the ushering hope was twined in my life.

In those days of imprisoned self of season sad
Life was like tattered pages of an old book
Poetry didn’t spring like fountain from the hill,
Each of my breathe weary of my world
Breaking like the bricks of a dilapidated house,
I was flown like a vagrant cloud soaring high
Fired and broken in thunder and lightening
Fell as drops of rain clean as water of lake.

I was turned into the lake forgetting my little self
In unceasing ecstasy of love in Mother’s grace,
The wind was the violin tuning lips of rippling waves
The vernal verdure kindled by the sprightly spring
The lotus and lily studded bright by sun and moon
Like me tasted death to appear once again as life,
The lustrous pearl is born from death of a shell
Lotuses come up out of mud in shallow pools.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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