Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 19, 2014

The Ark~by rldubour

This past Friday we buried my brother Mike, (the fourth within a 3 month period) the following write is for him and something that actually happened. I will always remember the good times and will miss him terribly. Love you brother!


The Ark

One day as I was working high up in the sky.
I looked down towards the street and saw my brother passing by.
Since he could not see me as I was hiding from the sun.
I decided that I would have myself a little fun.
I yelled out his name with a deep drawn out sound.
He just stopped in his tracks as he looked around.
I thought why not? Should I continue this charade?
As he continued looking around as if he was in a daze.
So one more time I yelled his name with a commanding sound.
He stopped again and did not move only looked around.
The longer that he stood there the more he looked confused.
I tried so hard not to laugh I really was amused!
He finally said who is this, this voice I cannot see.
I said my son this is God won’t you listen please.
It’s going to rain for forty days you have to build an ark.
And gather up the animals and store them in that park.
Again he stood there motionless, again I heard him speak.
He said I don’t know how to build an ark, as his voice was weak.
I said no problem son in your pocket I put the specs.
Just reach in your pocket, right now you better check!
He reached in his pocked and only pulled out change.
I said to him, check again I am going to make it rain.
Now he is even more confused and maybe even scared.
One more time I said to him, check again I know that they are there
I heard him say once again, why are you asking me?
I said to him my son you were the first one that I see.
When I thought he had enough I had to end this fast.
I said my son, don’t you believe? Why do you even ask?
And then I gave myself away, I said hey brother as I waved.
So glad to see you on this fine day.
He wanted to just kill me but I was way up high.
Now we just laugh about the day when a voice came from the sky.
R.L. DuBour

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