Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2014

Destination America~OKLAHOMA~by rldubour

Continuing our journey across America, we learn a little about the next great state to visit (in alpha order), Today is:



The residents are called~~ Oklahomans
Their motto is~~ Labor Conquers all things
And the state is called– The Sooner State.
The thought of free land happiness brings.

The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw
Words “okla” means people and “humma” means red.
And the oldest town in this state is Choctaw
It became a town in 1893 is what I read.

The official tree is called the~~ rosebud
The animal is the~~ American Buffalo.
And the only authentic Indian city in
The Nation is called Anadarko.

Kingfisher is the largest wheat producer
Of the entire fifty states.
Oklahoma is bordered by six states and
Over one million miles of lakes.

Belle Starr one of Americas notorious
Outlaws lies in a grave with no explanation.
And Will Rogers was born a Cherokee Indian
On a Cherokee Reservation.

Oklahoma City is the Capital while Tahlequah
Is the capital of the Cherokee nation.
The University of Central Oklahoma is the
First public school for higher education.

Sheridan, Custer and Sherman were founders
Of the first American main artillery fort.
Today the Field Artillery Brigades are responsible
For trained soldiers on a world court.

Bob Dunn a musician from Beggs invented
The first electric guitar in nineteen-thirty-five.
And WKY radio was the first radio station west
Of the Mississippi to broadcast live.

Turner falls cascades down seventy-seven feet
The largest in Oklahoma’s naturals faults.
The state’s official instrument is the fiddle
And the chosen dance is the Oklahoma Waltz.

Some famous names let’s have a look
There is Guthrie, Mickey Mantle and Garth Brooks.
Vince Gill, Chuck Norris and Toby Keith
Patti Page, Brad Pitt and Maria Tall Chief.
Statehood, November 16, 1907 the 46th state
The capital is Oklahoma City.


Nickname for State: The Sooner State. The nickname describes land-hungry settlers, who rushed to claim territory opened for settlement.
Belle Starr one of America’s notorious woman outlaws is buried in an isolated grave southwest of Porum with no explanation.
Phillip H Sheridan, George A Custer, and William T Sherman were founders of the first USA’s main artillery fort at Fort
The official flower is the~~ mistletoe. The state bird is the~~ Scissor Tailed Flycatcher.
National Memorial in Oklahoma City has set up a memorial on April 19, 1995 for the survivors, rescuers of the bombing and the ones who met their fate.

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