Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 22, 2014

‘The Human Universe’~by Mary Cecil



‘The Human Universe’

The great question,
Why are we here?
The human mind that seeks,
The answers to our fears

Beyond in the universe,
An immensity it seems,
That echo in the atoms of our being,
Intangible as a dream

The answers escape us,
As we grapple to know
Accident or design,
Where came the seeds we sow?

The elusive evidence,
The endless anticipation
The reasoning mind,
The multitude of equations

Do we exist to know,
Or what is the key?
To the answers we seek
In the patterns we see

To be or not to be?,
For the human mind
Remains the question,
To seek and to find

Mary Cecil
Rathlin Island

Dedicated to Professor Brian Cox
‘In admiration of his ceaseless endeavours to find the answers’


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