Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

CONFIDENCE~by John Patrick Boutilier




The deceitful call confidence arrogance
Because the confident refuse their dance
Thus giving their tricks no quarter
Giving their lies no sway
Preventing them opportunity
To steal good judgement away

Confidence is mislabeled with aimed intent
To weaken your armour with scratch and dent
It’s an attack upon your modesty
An attempt to cause you shame
A maneuver to gain some control
To force you play their game

When accused of arrogance neither falter nor yield
Maintain the integrity of your armour and shield
Offer them no apology
Remain steadfast and strong
Never forget that you are right
It is they are wrong

The deceitful are the arrogant
They hate and fear the confident
So resist their manipulation
Offer them no ground
Refuse to participate in their games
Frustrate and confound

The arrogant will leave with their nose in the air
Screaming they hate you, they’ll curse and they’ll swear
They’ll hold their breath and stomp their feet
They’re hoping for you to weaken
Enjoy their tantrum with a smile on your face
Knowing they’ve just been beaten

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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