Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 25, 2014

PASSION~by Rajendra Padhi




Tell me Icarus
Why did you fly close to the sun?
How did you feel falling down?
Icarus said,
The passion hunted me down
Overpowered by a purring desire,
The depth of it unknowable
Like a blind lover empty of reason,
Languorous for dissolution
The glimmer of a moment
We keep dancing to its tune.

Restlessly we fly in shore less sky
Tormented we fall in a stormy sea,
Puffed with a self-willed heart
Ebbed away but worn out we return.

The imprint of tears on sand
Surrender to the tide of time,
It blooms like flowers of spring
Fades when arrows of twilight strike.

We climb up the snowy hill of morn
The sun shine blinds the eyes for joy,
We know not the oasis in a desert
The thirsty travellers search for water
Betrayed by mirage leads them farther
Buried at the end in sand with a sigh.

Composed and copy right- Rajendra k. padhi

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