Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 26, 2014

PARASITES~by John Patrick Boutilier




How many souls are lost to money
How many lives devoted to greed
The more they get, the more they want
Till want becomes a need
No amount it seems enough
No sum too small to steal
As for their victims, they don’t care
They no longer feel

They’ll plunge their hands deep in your pocket
They’ll put a bullet in your head
All you have, they will grab
Be you alive or dead
They’ll use sweet words to seduce
They’ll smile and call you friend
The pats on back, the reassurance
They’re nothing but pretend

They’ll welcome you into their homes
Call you part of family
Setting trap, the plan in action
To lower the guard of thee
But all the while they’ll be watching
Their focus set on you
Your every word, your every gesture
Everything you do

They seek find in you a weakness
A vulnerability to exploit
When crack is found, they take advantage
In a manner most adroit
There’s not a tactic that is known
Too low for them to use
But be not weak, stand your ground
You’ve everything to lose

As manner of such parasites
They will leave when you are clean
Without a care, expose to air
Soon they’ll not be seen
The only power they possess
Is that which you allow
Give them a fright, turn on the light
Be gone infection now

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2014
All Rights Reserved

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