Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 27, 2014

Daily missive for Monday the 27th of October.~ by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 27th of October.

What good does it do
To dwell in the past.
With your thoughts
Never present,
For more than a second.
Fleeting moments
Of harmony, as the world
Flies by
In discord.

Seeing it all again,
As if for the first time.
Treating each day
The same way.
The first glimpse,
Of the rest of your life.
And with a tender heart,
You risk being torn apart,
In the recoil.

What happens to love,
When it is used
As a reason to kill.
Feeding on youth,
Seeking a thrill.
As in the aging eye,
The world passes by
In an inkling.
Please, my friend,
This is not the end,
If you embrace
The reason for thinking,
And breathing.

What good will it do,
To forget,
That love is a union,
Of mind,
Body and soul.
Hold on to that thought,
It will keep you whole.
Until you find a way
To love everyone,
Including me.
When, as far as I can see,
All religions,
Preach peace.
So please, please, please,
Let it be.

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