Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 27, 2014

Never Alone ~by Rajendra Padhi



Never Alone

Never Alone
Truly you are never alone
Never are you empty!
The depth of the mind
Beats like drum
In an array of thoughts.
Truly your mind and heart
Are never yours,
A timeless love of worlds glow
Crowding down from sun and moon
Makes you dance like a marionette.
Love, friendship and work
Grab you in some or other way
In the passing moments of the day.
Life is strangely a beautiful thing
We come to know.
Never are you alone
Never a battle is fought alone!
The star starts to dim
Give space to sky for sun
One moment of defeat
Brings victory lifelong.
What a green field
Smiles inside you
With the seeds of dreams
Breaking through the dew
You are always new
So mighty you rise like a tree
From a swampy ground.
You are the tide in a turbulent sea
Ebbing and flowing
Coming and going
In tears and smiles
In some little way
For greater things to come.
Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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