Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 27, 2014

Winter Butterflies~by Essam Eldin Author



Winter Butterflies

“Time is frozen; but my mind is liberating… ”

“A rain-drop falls into my spirit… ”

The euphoria which reality—could never merit,

I touch it as it’s erasing–I can feel it falling with the rain;
All of that–that shadowy-pain,

I gaze so deeply–into the void of a reverie,

My heart is throbbing inside my bosom;

But as I smell the petrichor,

My heart thereafter–quenches into an elegy…

An elegy; utterly lucid, an elegy—debouching triumphantly in me,

It (the elegy) soothes me–with subterranean candles–the flickering candles…

Whom enlighten my bottomless-abyss,

The candles–that guide my metanoia–and my spirit’s passion,

The candles that perforate my reality…

They’re the twinkling stars of my sky–

The arcaneness that loves to sigh,

They’re the fire that has no smoke,

A fire which incinerate–like a newborn-meteor,

The meteor is a garden–and the garden is but one-flower,

A flower that blooms like a star–a star that flickers like a candle,

A candle which enlightens my bottomless-abyss,

I can see the smoke without fire;

For the fire is glowing inside,

As my heart twirl–and my spirit flee,

All my senses; they transmogrify–and they reside…

I metamorphose into a pillar of ice,

And the pillar turn into a shadow–a shadow that extend,

Becoming one with the dusk–and one with the dawn,

For both are one–and both are gone,

This is my phantasmagoria!

I unleash a thunderstorm of butterflies,

I let them fly–like ravens fly,

Like ravens–they’ll never waver!

For darkness is but a kiss,

The rain is but a melting sky—moaning for paradise,

Like a singer—singing,

Like a poet—weeping,

A cosmic-arcaneness—that never quells to blossom within,

And as my shadows dance–the dance of phantasmagoria…

“… And another raindrop–falls into my spirit.”

O Thou, mysterious seeds of time; Thou were created–to freeze or to fade,

But I—I’ve found a cosmos within,

Me, Thou will never find,

Only I, the one who permits,

To give Thee–a gap within my mind,

“Time is frozen; but my mind is expanding… ”

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