Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 28, 2014

Angel of Love~by Rikki Bertrand



Angel of Love

She was dubbed by the Lord Himself,
As the Angel of True love.
She wonders is it a gift or a curse?
As she looks to the heavens above.

Wrapped in only her feathered wings,
She searches for the man in her dreams,
Every night she dreams of him,
Taking love to all extremes.

The panic strengthens deep inside,
She is going crazy without his touch.
She knows that her feelings are true,
And that she loves him so very much.

The aches of not being with him,
Must be endured till time is true,
When that time finally comes,
He will wash away all her blue.

But for now she still searches for him,
Each and every day.
Hoping that he will reveal himself,
So that her love she can convey.

The Angel of True Love,
Once guardian of all,
Has only but one mission,
And that’s to be in her lovers thrall.

©Rik Bertrand (OCT 2014 #58) everyone searches, not all find…

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