Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 28, 2014

Are You Paying Attention??? —“Death by Distraction”~by Leon A. Walker



Are You Paying Attention???

—“Death by Distraction”

The ancients walked with god;
yet you are lost in traffic.
The natives slept amid nature-
you sleep restlessly amid many comforts.
The children see only good…
yet you bequeath them a world sprinkled with hate!
The sun warms all who seek it-
you have no time to observe the passing day.
There once was hunt and harvest;
you cultivate starvation and gross excess.
Once you extended your hand-
without pointing the instrument of death…
And what of simple happiness and contentment?
You lost it to grandeur’s vision of gratification.
To strip away obsession’s sightlessness,
you once weighed the balance of your purpose and peace.
Can you recall now, that for which you were destined?
With no thought of the great and the good intended?
The ghost of your vacant days leaves remains.
The good love, good life and good spirit,
that you shall never know…

© Leon A. Walker

“Death By Distraction” – An International Collaboration
Image and layout by: Lilith – Netherlands (In Memorium – 2013)
Poem by: Leon A. Walker – United States

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