Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 29, 2014

Memories of that day~by Nutan Sarawagi



Memories of that day

the memories never leave you
forever haunt you only to taunt you
of a past gone by never yours
not even to hold in its story untold
waiting to unfold

of a past which lies forgotten
in the past only to be unearthed
in pieces of hurt in feet of clay
as that day I past broken
as in pieces I lay holding onto pieces of clay
of a past forgotten an era gone by
as I lay crying
holding it close it was more or less gone
only now it’s dead remains remain
as I bury it in clay with pieces of clay
in pieces of my heart which don’t pain anymore
they only hurt as hurt only can

I don’t want to dwell in my past it’s memories gone
it doesn’t hurt anymore
for old times sake let’s bury all hatchets
and move forward in peace in life’s pieces
where we had left off
in life where we had left off once again to meet
in another day of happiness where there will be only sadness
the sadness of the day of the past

I look forward in happiness to that day of sadness
in it’s sadness lay my happiness
a measure of my past

no one can take away from me
that day of sadness
in it lies my happiness my happiness of that day
of my sadness of that day
of my past

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