Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 29, 2014

The Waiting never ends..~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Waiting never ends..

Waiting alone for the train to arrive,
in the middle of the night,
as you wait,
your patience takes a trial with time,
time keeps you waiting,
while the pressure of patience blasts,
the bubbles of loneliness hang around.
Amidst so much of spread of lights,
junks of feelings pile up in the solitary soul,
soul gets into the depths of silence,
solitaires in gravity,
In your waiting you forget yourself.
the waiting for the train to arrive.
the end of the waiting as you
board into the compartment of life.
all asleep, snoring , dreaming with the jerk of rails,
with dreams aborted mid way….
with the solitudes not ending,
the heart keeps pounding,
with the waiting never ending.
waiting on the platform of life,
birth till death you keep waiting
to board the rails for the awesome
journey into the world beyond ..
beyond the gates of life.

By:Akshaya Kumar Das 29/10/2014 9:11 A.

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