Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 29, 2014





Riding the waves of reality
In this feral sea of existence
Struggling outward and within
To define my place in this world
Haunted by shadows of the past
Battling trials of the present
Chasing dreams of the future
For I am nothing but just a man
Reaching for greener pastures
Hoping for a better tomorrow
Whilst simply living for today
With thoughts running amok
And a spirit that’s wild and free
Trying to find pieces of the puzzle
That can give my life true meaning
For I am nothing but just a man
Set upon a ship of wasted chances
Sailing rivers of lost opportunities
Searching for life’s hidden treasures
Buried in waters that run so deep
Driven by materialistic ambition
Yearning for fortunes I envision
Praying to fulfill colorful wishes
For I am nothing but just a man
The poison of worldly pleasures

Often the grand master of chimeras
And the of rainbow empty promises
Woos with seductive temptations
Overwhelms with ecstatic sensations
Charms with a deceptive radiance
So sweet, enchanting and addictive
For I am nothing but just a man
Oblivious to life’s many truths
Blinded by notions of ignorance
Ensnared by faults and habits
Always trending on false paths
That often led to dead ends
Then I blamed this unforgiving world
For many of my self-inflicted woes
For I am nothing but just a man
But now am fully convinced
The key to unlock my destiny
Has been placed in my hands
What I choose to do with it
Is what determines my fate!
This is a fact I dint comprehend
Yes! I was lost but now am found
For I am nothing but just a man
My choices that lacked wisdom
Many a times created obstacles
That shrouded my true potential
And impeded my road to success
So now i know this much is true
That indeed I wield the power
To do anything, to be anyone
To be more than just a man!

By Bernard Owor

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