Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 30, 2014

Once that we walked here,~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Once that we walked here,

Once that we walked here,
arms in arms,
heart in soul,
your lockes falling like
the cascading water falls,
on my shoulders,
my fingers just combing them,
your awesome fingers
rolling through mine,
your mesmerized looks,
I still behold .
the nail marks we carved
in each other,
still have their traces ,
when I revisit the fine evenings,
holding your hands,
lying on your beautiful bosoms,
to listen to the melody of love
from the throbbing heart,
that echoes of the throbs are immortal in me,
never to alight from the domes of love,

we did not know when
we sat hours under the moonlit nights,
forgetting when it was midnight.
the once upon a time story,
keeps knocking me time & again.
I beseech to be imprisoned
there till infinity
even if I have to revisit my
love story in the den of life.
where only dunes of the desert
exist today …
with traces oasis made of our tears ,
and silence wait for the caravan
to take glimpse of the imprints of the
footprints of our affair that exist today.

By:Akshaya Kumar Das 29/10/2014 9:55 hrs

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