Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 30, 2014

Poem:just peace~by Nutan Sarawagi



Poem:just peace

in the moments of time we lie life’s chosen ones
as if we make time for ourselves for others

in the moments of time
in moments of love and sadness
in monents to cry and laugh
in moments of quiet happiness and laughter
in moments of poignance and sadness
in moments of struggle and victory
in moments of judgement and being judged
in moments trying and of failure
in moments of triumph and of loss
in moments of hate and love
in momets of peace and war
in moments of violence and non violence
in moments to end violence against violence

but when all these moments collectively
converge to form a single big moment
a big day of your life
when you gather together
in a single moment
of together and togetherness
…together…its is called
a movement of collective peace

let us all today celebrate these moments
with those who don’t share these moments
as their life is only a struggle to go down each day
in life and death as they struggle to keep their fight
to remain above death their fight of their own struggle
to keep their neck out of trouble
each day not knowing if they will be slaughtered
by these so called claimants the upholders of war and peace
who pretend to hold the torch of peace
to get through that day to see life the next day
in their fight against n peace
to keep themselves and children as death monster rings in
to sound its alarm to take away their women and children
in what they call war against freedom and peace
let us all pray for them in these moments of time of war and peace

to make sure peace knocks against their main door welcoming peace once again in a life so shorn of peace

as their life lie in pieces torn to pieces
in their life’s survival to just fight against survival
to keep their neck above water
to just exist …subsist
coexist in life’s time
to fight for their survival
to just find

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