Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2014

Daily missive for Friday the 31st of October.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 31st of October.

Reality bites,
Harder than vampires teeth,
Bought over the counter
For the price of a treat,
When they ring the bell,
Dressed as demons from hell.

Do we need this game,
When further on
Down the road,
Some other guys
Break in through
The back door.
Relieve themselves
On the kitchen floor.
Steal your father’s watch,
The ring your mother wore
When she got married.
Shattered your trust,
And left only what could not
Be carried.

But these are days
When we remember,
October through November
Is a be-witching time.
Whether they exist or not
It is hardly a crime.
To pretend for one night,
Give the neighbours
A friendly fright,
And forget the pain
That can be caused
By the rude invasion
Of a real person’s space,
Break in and violate
Their own private place,
And smile
To their face,
When they come to the door,
And ask for more,
A trick or a treat,
For the sport.
Go on,
Be a good sort.

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