Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2014

Ghost behind the door~by rldubour

Halloween Week!


Ghost behind the door



The old house there stood empty, upon the hill so high.

And no one ever dared, to step a foot inside.

The windows were all broken, the roof was caving in.

The screen door in the front would fly open in the wind.


Only when the moon was full, one could hear its’ ghostly cries.

Crying out to all to hear, “Don’t dare to come inside!”

“For if you do you’ll lose your life!” they heard this many times before.

“Forever you will be with me!” the ghost behind the door.


As years past this house would fall apart some more.

Yet, no one dared to rip it down, they feared the ghost behind the door!

If one went to view this house, the stories they would hear.

Of how the ghost behind the door, could bring a chilling fear.


One story that the towns folks told and there were many more.

Was about this young man who walked right in the door.

They could only see his back all had heard his screams.

As he stood there shaking for hours it did seem!


And when he did come out his face was old and gray.

He never spoke a word again, until this very day.

The story goes that this house had many tragedies.

Of all the ghostly haunting that has come to be.


No one will ever live there, as they did before.

No one but the ghost that lives behind the door!

So if by chance you’re in this town and think you’re pretty brave.

Be cautious of this house, it put many in their grave.


Once you hear their stories, you will want to hear no more.

About the ghost that lives there, the ghost behind the door!



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