Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2014

I Am You~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



I Am You

Yes! Go on, feeble mind, and squirm
I dare you to go out and scream
Show them all, that you are off-cream
I shall invade even your dream

I alone know all of your fears
I shall poke them, bring you to tears
All your rambling everyone hears
No one shall help you. No one cares

My long fingers shall poke your mind
Your darkest secrets, I shall find
Bring to front, all you hid behind
Torture you, until your soul’s blind

Watch as I make your virgin cry
So ravaged, she will wish to die
No hope, for justice I shall deny
See her covered in shame and lie

Watch your friends, as with ease shall betray
They shall hinder and block your way
Inside my hellish cage, you’ll stay
I shall make your trust in them sway

Your mind shall burn in scorching fire
As I inflame your flesh desire
You shall arouse your angel’s ire
As I strum your hormonal lyre

To your sanctuary, run and hide
My worms shall spread far and wide
Spiders, snakes and rats will find you
Devour your castles, that’s their due

I invade your reality
I shall weaken your sanity
You will not see Life with clarity
Logic obscured in apathy

Reason and faith will not help you
To my kingdom, I turn your view
Cruelty and Lust shall be your thrill
Bloodied hands, you’ll enjoy the kill

I watch you try to fight me and squirm
I delight in your frightened scream
Your fallible faith skimmed like cream
You will be me, I am your dream

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