Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 1, 2014

A View of Natural Splendour.~by Tom Higgins



A View of Natural Splendour.

I am surrounded by beauty
I am enveloped by its grace
I am nurtured by its vistas
I am rebuilt by this place,
Every time I walk up here
Every direction in which I gaze
I see nature’s purest art
As my brain converts light rays
Which pass through my repaired eyes
To create the wondrous sense of sight,
Which allows me once more
To enjoy nature’s gifts of beauty bright
For the most precious things in this life
Are those we receive for free,
But without nature’s most important gifts
The senses which most have, like me,
I would never have experienced
All the visual treasures of which I write
I would know only of shades of darkness
If I never had the gift of sight.

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