Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 1, 2014

It was a cold dark night ~by Mandy Rigby



It was a cold dark night

It was a cold dark night and the moon shone bright,
so i lit up a candle, … and I started to write.
I sat there looking for inspiration,
but every thought brought devastation.
I couldn’t quite shake off the past,
my broken heart was beating too fast.
I thought of all the sorrow I’d seen,
and all the mistakes, that should never have been.
i thought of how I messed with my head,
and the desperate times, i couldn’t get out of bed.
I thought of my crimes against humanity,
and I realized … the biggest victim was me.
I thought of the damage, inflicted upon myself,
and how I fucked, with my own mental health.
I thought then addiction is war,
too many casualties gone before.
i thought then of ghosts past,
and how we thought the fun would last.

(C) msrigs 29/10/2014

(don’t do drugs kids)

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